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Did you know…

You can make more money by saving taxes than you can by making more money?

Many clients ask us, “What’s the difference between death planning and estate planning?”  We tell them that strategic estate planning now will protect the growth of their estate well beyond death!

If you’re like 70% of the population who die each year without any plan at all, then the villain is not the IRS – it is procrastination.

What we Do

Kilbourn Associates provides “Family Wealth Transfer Planning” services, which empowers clients with the power to give what they have, to whom they want, when they want and in the way they want, while paying the least amount of court costs, attorney’s fees and estate taxes as possible.

Estate Planning & Advisory

With proper estate planning, you can protect your spouse and heirs with provisions that take into account your long-term health care needs and any liabilities or tax obligations. 

Educational Seminars

Give us two hours and we’ll make sure you are armed with the facts you need to get on the path to enjoying the Florida lifestyle.

Books & Resources

Mike has spent his career not only helping families create lasting legacies, but also producing resources to help individuals and peers understand the complexities of estate planning.

We’ve found that America has two tax systems:

One for the informed and one for the uninformed.  Kilbourn Associates shows you how to become one of the informed – and disinherit the IRS.  Estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s simply a matter of taking the right steps to make sure your property passes after your death to your heirs, intact, without jeopardizing your current financial independence and security.

About Us

Mike Kilbourn

Mike Kilbourn, CLU, ChFC, CCIM, AEP, MSFS, president of Kilbourn Associates, has over 40 years of experience as a family wealth transfer planning specialist and holds over 20 professional designations. Under his thoughtful guidance, you and your family will discover options to protect and grow what took you a lifetime to earn. 

“I promised my wife that, when we turned 65, we would retire and move to Naples. The Florida Domicile Handbook helped me keep that promise…”

Neal Boortz

New York Times Bestselling Author of "The FairTax Book"

“If I were to order another son, I would order someone exactly like Mike. He’s a class “A” Act!”

John Liuzzo


“I’ve met many of Mike’s clients and business associates, and he treats people in a professional manner, yet almost with a family feeling”

Brit Svoboda

Business Associate & Client

Why Us?

My Commitment:

Satisfied clients are the lifeblood of my business and satisfaction comes from service. Thus, my clients and colleagues can always depend on me to finish what I start and to do what I say I’m going to do. 

I will only recommend that course of action which I would apply to myself in the same situation.

– Mike Kilbourn


Resources & Articles

When a Life Settlement is a Life Savior

Gary H. called about an existing $3 million insurance policy on his father. He was concerned about the continuing annual premiums of $20,000 in light of the fact that his father, who was about to turn 97, was in “amazingly good” health. He wanted to know if he should...

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Where does your dog live? A case for Domicile

The link to the article in Bloomberg below reminded me of a client who wanted to change his Domicile to Florida but was having a hard time letting go of a cherished item from his previous place of residence (in a northern state). In his case, it was his resident-based...

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Will the Tax Man Come Knocking?

It's an unfortunate reality, but many of my clients come to me after the tax man has knocked on their door. They thought signing and filing a simple Declaration of Florida Domicile would be the only item necessary to prove legal intent and keep the tax man at bay. But...

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Kilbourn Associates has been providing estate planning and family wealth transfer services to clients around the United States for over 40 years. Mike Kilbourn is the author of several books on financial planning and the founder of the Wealth Protection Network, a collaborative client-focused collective of financial planning professionals.


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