How to Declare Florida Domicile

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The Florida Domicile Handbook: Vital Information for New Florida Residents, 4th Edition is your guide to living comfortably and thriving financially in paradise.  Florida domicile provides new residents with many advantages.  Learn about them in this updated version of The Florida Domicile Handbook. Are you a REALTOR®? Scroll down for information on how we can help your clients acclimate to their new home.


  1. Beneficial laws to protect your assets
  2. No state income or estate taxes
  3. Tax discounts on home ownership
  4. A thriving business economy
  5. Diverse cultural opportunities
  6. World-class destination for luxury living

This helpful book reflects the latest changes in Florida laws and new opportunities in 2020. The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition includes new chapters and updated information to help readers navigate through the Florida domicile and residency process.  It’s the most comprehensive guide about how to become a Florida resident on the market today!

Learn what to expect and what to avoid as a new Florida resident.

The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition lets you discover the benefits of Florida domicile including:

  • How to prove intent
  • Where and when to file for domicile
  • How Florida law rewards domiciled residents

The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition discusses over 20 ways to prove intent. Real-life cases and solutions provide readers with insight into the domicile process. Order your copy today and discover what a Florida domicile can do for you. There are also special sections in the book devoted to frequently asked questions on a variety of Florida topics such as:

  • Homestead
  • Real Estate
  • Business and Personal Taxes
  • Insurance and Healthcare
  • Estate Planning
  • New Florida Resident Laws
  • Florida Schools
  • Vehicle and Boat Registration
  • Voting

The authors also host several Florida Domicile seminars each year. Check out our calendar of events and make a plan to attend a live presentation where you can learn about the basics and have your specific domicile or estate planning questions answered.

Attention Realtors:


With thousands of recently retired Baby Boomers searching for homes in Florida—it’s important for them to know if Florida Domicile can save them money as a new homeowner.

There are many benefits to domiciling in Florida, but it must be done correctly or new homeowners may expose themselves to tax bills from their former state of domicile. For homes in Florida—it’s important for them to know if Florida Domicile can save them money as a new homeowner.

As a real estate professional, you know your clients will be pursued by the competition until the day they make a purchase so why not take some initiative to strengthen your bond and arm them with a resource that matters.

The Florida Domicile Handbook: Vital Information for New Florida Residents, 4th Edition has all the information your clients need to understand whether a change of Florida domicile is the right move and how to take the proper steps to protect them in the event of an audit from their former state.

This book illustrates all the major (and lots of fun) reasons declaring Florida domicile may be a good choice. Topics include:

  • Steps to prove your intent to become domiciled in Florida and the risks for not doing it correctly
  • How to buy, finance and insure a home in Florida
  • Some key steps to plan for retirement in Florida
  • How to establish Florida homestead and the many benefits
  • How to change your business location to Florida
  • How to properly title vehicles in Florida
  • What healthcare and educational opportunities exist for Florida residents

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