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The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition

The Florida Domicile Handbook has been updated to reflect new laws and processes for people seeking domicile help in 2018. The new edition contains added chapters and updated information that will help you discover Florida and all of its many benefits including tax and retirement savings by becoming domiciled in Florida. Purchase this step-by-step guide to Florida domicile for $19.95 + tax and shipping.


Disinherit the IRS

Stop Uncle Sam from becoming a major heir of your estate. This book reflects and illustrates new estate tax laws and will help you avoid confiscatory taxation that reduces your overall financial worth.

Disinherit the IRS – Don’t Die Until You’ve Read This Book shows you how to protect what it took you a lifetime to build and how to avoid the havoc estate taxes would reap on your loved ones. This book will show you that death is not a taxable offense! $24.95 + tax and shipping.


Giving: Philanthropy for Everyone

Giving: Philanthropy for Everyone provides insights and information that will help you create your legacy now and into the future. Did you know that, by making gifts to charity during your lifetime, you can:

  • Increase the value of your estate to pass to your heirs?
  • Convert non-income-producing assets into an income stream for yourself?
  • Delay the capital gain taxes on the sale of your highly appreciated property?
  • Increase your own income while supporting the causes that matter most to you?
  • See and enjoy the benefits of your gifts?
  • Initiate new and exciting family dynamics?

$39.95 + tax and shipping.