Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

For MORE than the cash value!

Opportunity is Around Every Corner

We understand that you – like many other people – may have a life insurance policy you no longer need.
We are dedicated to helping you learn the facts about life settlements so you can make an informed decision and get the most out of your policy.

More importantly, we know you want to feel confident that selling your policy is a safe and sensible alternative to forfeiting policies that are no longer wanted or on the verge of lapsing. From medical expenses to lifestyle changes, we have an option for you!

Hold, Change, Surrender, or Sell?

Without proper representation, there is no competitive auction, and any sale proceeds made to unrepresented policy owners are often much lower than offers resulting from an auction process controlled by experienced life settlement experts. 


We can sell your policy for cash or negotiate selling part of it and eliminate premiums while keeping a portion of the death benefit for your heirs. We are independent, licensed life settlement fiduciaries that work for you – the policy owner. Most of our life settlement cases have uncovered potential payouts that were substantially larger than the cash value.

3 Steps to Success

  1.  We will explain how the life settlement process works to your best advantage
  2. Our team can negotiate the largest/best settlement
  3. We expedite the entire settlement process for fast payout

Mike & Mauri Kilbourn  |  Katherine & Todd Shelbaugh

Meet the Team

Mauri and Mike Kilbourn
Kilbourn Associates
With over 40 years experience as family wealth transfer planning specialists, this husband and wife team have helped thousands of families find life insurance solutions that fit their needs for generations. After an in-depth analysis of your unique situation, Mauri and Mike discover life insurance options that address all aspects of your life including retirement funding, taxes, giving, legacy, and healthcare.

Katherine and Todd Shelbaugh
Insurance Insights
The complexities of insurance are made clear by this husband and wife team who work closely with clients to identify gaps, opportunities, and risks in your current life insurance plans. As independent fiduciaries, the Shelbaughs know how to maneuver through the life insurance industry to find you a policy that meets your needs so you are protected not only today, but also tomorrow when life can get more complicated.

What We Do For You

The Kilbourns and Shelbaughs are experienced life settlement experts and members of the Wealth Protection Network. They work together – synergistically – to provide the highest market value for your policy by creating a competitive bidding environment between carefully vetted institutional buyers.

Why Us?

Real Life Settlement Cases:

Ann O. (Age 76) had a $5 million dollar policy purchased 7 years earlier with a premium of $140,000 per year. We were able to sell her policy in the secondary market and get her a new $5 million dollar policy at $89,789 per year – Saving Ann more than $50,000 per year!

Jerry K. (age 64) saw our newspaper ad and approached us about an old $750,000 policy that had run out of cash value and he was going to let it lapse. We arranged to sell the policy in the secondary market for over $132,000 cash.

Mr. and Mrs. S. (ages 81 and 81) called to ask if we could help them save money. We were able to reduce the premium on their $5 million dollar policy from $81,000 per year to $58,473 – a cost savings of 27.8%. In addition, the new insurance was guaranteed to age 120.

Contact Us

Kilbourn Associates has been providing estate planning and family wealth transfer services to clients around the United States for over 40 years. Mike Kilbourn is the author of several books on financial planning and the founder of the Wealth Protection Network, a collaborative client-focused collective of financial planning professionals.

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