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What is a Life Audit™?

Getting a Life Audit™ is an important step in making sure your life insurance policy is performing in the manner it was intended and will be there when your loved ones need it.

Just as downturns in the economy affect your retirement portfolio, these same changes can also affect the performance of your life insurance policy.  As a result, you may be forced to increase your premium payments to keep your policy from lapsing.

My mission is to make sure you are not funding a losing policy and look for ways to help you reduce your premiums and/or improve upon the longevity of your insurance with guarantees.

I am offering a FREE review of your policy’s performance.  Through our Life Audit Program, you can avoid lapses and determine if it is necessary to continue paying the current premium or take additional steps to secure a new policy with a carrier that has a solid rating and guarantees on their policies.


Up to 75% of life insurance policies are underperforming and are at risk of lapsing. 

You may be able to replace your current policy with another at a lower cost but with the same or better guarantees!

A Life Audit will provide you with a detailed report that includes:

  • A report of your carrier’s financial strength
  • A performance projection of your current policy and its associated risks
  • A premium evaluation and alternative policy comparison
  • An assessment of appropriate coverage
  • An evaluation of your current health classification
  • A review of owner and beneficiary information
  • An analysis to ensure your policy is aligned with your estate planning document

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