NAPLES, Florida – January 16, 2003 – When Congress enacted the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA) of 2001, estate tax expert and author E. Michael Kilbourn knew he had to revise his 2-year-old book on estate planning titled Disinherit the IRS. The updated book was recently published by Career Press and is now available.

“I couldn’t just let the book sit on the shelves the way it was written,” says Kilbourn, who is a chartered financial consultant and is licensed in over 20 states. “The new law meant big changes to taxpayers and updating it was essential.”

Kilbourn’s revised version of Disinherit the IRS is the only book on the market that details the impact of the 2001 EGTRRA. The revision incorporated estate tax tables based on the new law; an easy to understand summary of the Final Regulations for IRA distributions; and new examples based on current tax rates, exemptions, and exclusions

During 25 years in the financial services industry, Kilbourn has authored over 80 articles on investment topics, co-authored three books on financial planning, and is the originator of the Wealth Protection Network seminars.

Kilbourn recently appeared on Bloomberg Television to discuss his book and share predictions on how Congress will address the estate tax law in the future.

“The way the law was written looks like estate taxes will disappear in 2010. But, there is no such thing as tax elimination; only tax substitution or tax modification. The American taxpayer shouldn’t be tricked into thinking a tax will suddenly disappear,” says Kilbourn.

A leading authority on estate planning, Kilbourn’s reputation was built on studying and testing a multitude of financial products based on performance and return as well as mastering the art of estate tax analysis.

Disinherit the IRS reveals the simple, legal ways to avoid so-called “death taxes,” and the steps individuals must take to protect their children, grandchildren, and future heirs from predators and claims from lawsuits and divorce.

Kilbourn Associates is located in Naples, Florida. To request a media kit or schedule an interview with E. Michael Kilbourn, contact Mollie Page Griffin at 239-455- 6727. A clip of the Bloomberg appearance can be viewed at


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