Naples, FL (October 31, 2017) – Why are so many Americans moving to Florida? Florida domicile expert and author of The Florida Domicile Handbook: Vital Information for New Florida Residents, 4th Edition E. Michael Kilbourn says it’s because the Sunshine State doesn’t burden its residents with mountains of confiscatory taxes.

In the fourth edition of this popular book, published by Brendan Kelly Publishing (January 2018), Kilbourn and co-authors Brad Galbraith, CPA, Esq., and Joshua D. Rudnick, Esq., discuss the steps and activity new residents can take to prove Florida domicile intent and build a strong case in anticipation of possibly being pursued for taxes by their former state of residence.

“Retirement to Florida is as popular than ever, and the state’s economy is definitely enjoying continued part-time and permanent migration,” said Kilbourn, who also wrote Disinherit the IRS: Don’t Die Until You’ve Read this Book (Brendan Kelly Publishing 2014). Kilbourn spends the winter months giving free public seminars about the benefits of Florida domicile with Galbraith and other members of the Wealth Protection Network™. “Many part-time Florida residents have read or heard about Florida domicile, but are not sure if it applies to them or not. This book and our free seminars help people decide whether Florida domicile is to their benefit and then provides the most current resources to get the process moving as efficiently as possible.”

Updated for 2018, the book includes new information for seasonal visitors and Florida businesses, new resources for homebuyers and students, updated laws on firearm ownerships and driving, and fresh retirement planning strategies for the newly domiciled. The 275+-page guide also includes updated Florida demographics, geographic points of interest, web resources and sample forms.

After contributing or authoring several books on financial planning including Giving— Philanthropy for Everyone (Quantum Press 2002) and 21st Century Wealth: Essential Financial Planning Principles (Quantum Press 2000), Kilbourn published the first edition of The Florida Domicile Handbook in 2009. A second and longer edition followed in 2011, then a new third in 2014. The fourth edition is the most comprehensive to date. Essentially, the book is a treasure trove of facts and information on how to live comfortably and thrive financially in the great sunshine state. The book is available at,,, and will be available through major booksellers across the country in the coming months.

“Making Florida your legal domicile can have a significantly positive impact on your financial future,” states Kilbourn. “A perfect example of how Florida rewards its residents can be found in its constitution, wherein it prevents imposing a state income tax and state estate tax. This allows domiciled residents to save more for retirement, give more to charity, and invest in ideas that grow their savings.”

Kilbourn guides high net-worth families through the maze of estate planning and said, “The book covers topics that new and potential residents need to know such as Florida taxes, domicile, estate planning, home purchase, healthcare and insurance.”

Mr. Kilbourn is the president of Kilbourn Associates and has over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry. Mr. Kilbourn is an experienced author, former college instructor, and a leading national authority on estate tax matters. Co-authors Brad A. Galbraith and Joshua D. Rudnick are partners at Woods, Weidenmillier, Michetti, Rudnick and Galbraith, PLLC. Mr. Galbraith is board certified in Wills, Trusts and Estates by the Florida Bar Association and was named a Florida Super Lawyer. Mr. Rudnick’s practice is concentrated on commercial and residential real property transactions, construction, corporate and commercial lending.

The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition is $19.95 + tax and shipping. Discover more at


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