NAPLES, FL (November 4, 2010) – Naples-based Family Wealth Transfer Specialist and author of The Florida Domicile Handbook: Vital Information for New Florida Residents Michael Kilbourn will be the headline speaker at a FREE Year-End Tax Planning seminar on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 from 9:30am to noon at the Naples Hilton. This event is specifically designed for taxpayers seeking estate planning guidance and tax strategies. Joining Kilbourn will be Certified Financial Planner Rob O’Dell and Brad Galbraith, Esq., CPA, and Board Certified in Wills, Trusts and Estates by the Florida Bar Association. The seminar will feature time-sensitive information on several key changes set to take effect in 2011 that may impact an individual’s tax status, investment risk exposure, retirement accounts, life insurance limits and estate plan protections.

“It’s essential people understand how changes to the tax laws next year will affect their current estate plans,” said Kilbourn, president of Kilbourn Associates. Kilbourn has designed and managed estate plans for high-net worth families for over 30 years, holds four masters degrees, is Certified in Estate Planning and Taxation, and is a Chartered Advisor in Senior Living. “With Rob and Brad’s help, we’re going to arm guests with the information they need to do a self audit of their cash flow and help them evaluate new solutions that could further protect their financial futures.”

The Year-End Tax Planning seminar will be especially helpful to high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs that want to discover strategies that may enhance cash flow and reduce tax surprises in 2011. Guests will also learn:

  • What to do before PEP & PEASE (the hidden taxes) return in 2011
  • Why a Roth IRA conversion should be done before 12/31
  • Where you stand next year when the estate tax sunsets to 2001 rates
  • How a life insurance audit can protect your nest egg
  • What tax efficient alternatives exist beyond bonds
  • Top 10 estate planning issues that you need to know before 12/31

The seminar is open to the public, but requires reservations. Call Joan at (239) 261-1888 by December 6th to secure your place at this one-time-only, year-end, tax-planning event. Discover more about estate planning protections and future seminars at

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