(November 25, 2002) Naples, FL – Michael Kilbourn, a national investment and estate tax expert, will appear on MoneyWise (Bloomberg Report) to share tactics on how investors can strategically limit their IRS liabilities and to discuss his predictions on how Congress will move forward under the present estate tax laws in 2003. The segment will be a live broadcast and will air on Tuesday, November 26, 2002, at 12:30 p.m. (EST) on Bloomberg TV.

Considered a valuable source for information on the implications of the new estate tax laws, Kilbourn is a well-respected expert and consultant in his field and was invited back to the show.

The segment will also highlight Kilbourn’s book, “Disinherit the IRS” (Career Press), which is the only publication that covers estate tax strategies under the current 2001 estate tax system.

Kilbourn is a family wealth transfer specialist who has lectured and written extensively on investment, estate and financial planning topics during his 25-year career in the financial services industry.

For additional information on Kilbourn, go to www.kilbournassociates.com.


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