The 2016 presidential election thus far has been truly strange, to say the least. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum nearly all Americans can agree that voting is not only important but also your civic duty. That being said, many worry that living in a state where they have not yet claimed domicile can disqualify them from voting. Fortunately, this is a common misconception. Absentee voting allows registered voters to vote via mail, the process is surprisingly easy and all you need to know can be found Here.

The basic process works like this:
1. Register to vote in your previous state of residence
2.Fill out this form to receive the absentee ballot to download or call your county clerk or board of elections to receive one an alternate way.
3. Fill our the form and return it as it instructs.


Moving to a new state can bring a host of new adventure and possibilities, but can present some challenges along the way. Everything you will need to know is outlined in The Florida Domicile Handbook, order yours up today and let the adventure begin!


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