In her article, “5 Ways to Pick a Great Place to Retire,” author Emily Brandon lists main items to consider when looking for a place to retire. It must have – good medical facilities, lower taxes, affordable cost-of-living, convenient transportation and low-cost homes. She must have had Florida on HER mind.

Florida has numerous retirement communities, each with their own medical facilities. Because of the influx of retirees that head for better weather during the autumn of their lives, Florida has made the necessary accommodations. And these are not your “nursing-home type” facilities either. Each community focuses on care and social events.

There are also assisted living retirement communities perfect for senior retirees who require help in daily tasks such as shopping or keeping the lawn trimmed. Or communities for those that require medical care but not hospitalization. In a nutshell, these communities put a premium on the quality of life of its occupants.

Cost of living, including housing, utilities, food, transportation and taxes, is average in Florida compared to other retiree-desirable options. Being a tourist destination may have an effect on this. Nevertheless, living expenses are relative to lifestyle choices and personal choices.

Florida’s tax climate is ideal not only for businesses but for retirees as well. Aside from enjoying no income tax, there is no inheritance tax and no separate state estate tax.

Lastly, Florida has the best weather and superb attractions – both in natural resources and tourist destinations. The tropical Floridian weather is good for retirees and is usually the number one consideration on the “retirement requirements” list.

Florida is the retirement spot of the United States, sometimes involuntarily when retirees just seem to gravitate towards a certain community. And along with the natural factors, we have embraced this calling and fashioned lifestyles for those who want to spend their “vacation years” here.

For an in depth look at the benefits of retiring to Florida, get a copy of the Florida Domicile Handbook. It will help you make an enlightened decision on your retirement place.

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