A majority of Florida’s biggest landowners are in construction and timber. Because of the large chunk of land that they own, they eventually trickle down to land development and real estate. If you are interested in buying property, read first about realtors in my book on purchasing a home in Florida in the Florida Domicile Handbook.

St. Joe Company, the second largest private landowner of Florida, has made a name and reputation in real estate development and sales as well as timber. It has about 31,600 residential units and 11.6 million square feet of commercial space. From retirees to families of any size, these residential communities, always built near a body of water – either river or sea – epitomize Florida’s tropical living paradise.

Meanwhile, Foley Timber Co has just recently finalized a plan to use the land for development and agricultural preservation. The involved communities are highly anticipating the fruition of these plans, bringing tremendous benefits to the environment and mostly to Florida’s economy and its residents.

What does this all mean for Florida?

It means that the real estate market in Florida, according to the Florida Domicile Handbook, is not only one of the most desirable locations in the world, but is situated in an economically stable and promising environment.

Business in Florida is good as noted by the continued projects for real estate development as done by St. Joe Comapny and Foley Timber Comany. This is also one of the reasons why one of the top three fields in Florida is in construction trades.

Investing in Florida is smart. The climate is business friendly as well as invariably tropical. My book, the Florida Domicile Handbook explains in detail Florida taxes, exmptions and those levied on business and properties.

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