I’ve always been impressed with the marketing creativity of businesses in the tourism industry. As a child, I enjoyed collecting and receiving postcards. The illustrations were amazing. And while they may have not always represented a true reflection of my personal experience, the keepsake somehow persuaded my brain to remember it as printed.

With the invention of the internet (thanks Mr. Gore),  the tourism industry has become more powerful. I can lose hours designing a train trip across the Rockies or a wine tour through France. Travel is intoxicating.

Thousands of people visit Florida each year. And why shouldn’t they! It’s beautiful and the weather is always great.

Perhaps this is why so many visitors chose to return to the Sunshine State and make it their new home. For this reason, I wrote the Florida Domicile Handbook. In 2017, I updated it for the fourth time. The book includes many reasons to make Florida your domicile – but here are 10 of my favorite from a recent HuffPost article, 23 Reasons Florida (Yes, Florida) Is Quite Possibly The Best State In America.

Reasons to Move to Florida

  1. Everyone is jealous of Florida’s weather.
  2. Florida’s varying landscapes and cultures make it easy to take a weekend vacation without ever leaving.
  3. There are “hidden springs” with underwater caves you can snorkel in.
  4. Florida provides the whole country with oranges.
  5. Rainstorms rarely last longer than a couple of hours in Florida. (actually, in Naples, they last about 30 minutes)
  6. The diversity of wildlife and nature in the Everglades will blow your mind.
  7. Thanks to Key West, we get to eat Key lime pie.
  8. If you can’t get to Venice, you can just go to Fort Lauderdale, which has 165 miles of navigable local waterways.
  9. The absolute best stone crabs are in Florida.
  10. Florida has Cape Canaveral, the place that launches spacecraft into the sky.

Our new Florida Domicile seminar schedule for 2018 can be found on the seminar page.

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