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Proposed Estate Tax Repeal Spawns Stealth Taxes

NAPLES, Florida (April 24, 2003) – According to a recent Association for Advance Life Underwriting (AALU) bulletin to members, last year’s budget deficit of over $159 billion and the looming deficit of over twice that amount for this fiscal year place in doubt whether...

Permanent Estate Tax Repeal Is Unlikely

NAPLES, Florida (February 28, 2003) – Despite a big Republican win in the recent elections, the permanent repeal of the estate tax does not appear likely when the issue is taken up again, possibly this year. This prediction comes from author and estate tax expert E....

Predictions Made by Estate Tax Expert

(November 25, 2002) Naples, FL – Michael Kilbourn, a national investment and estate tax expert, will appear on MoneyWise (Bloomberg Report) to share tactics on how investors can strategically limit their IRS liabilities and to discuss his predictions on how Congress...

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